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10 Interesting Facts About Procreate App You Need to Know

10 Interesting Facts About Procreate App You Need to Know

Procreate is the most popular painting, drawing, and sketching application on the market. It's really powerful app with a lot of features. I would recommend it for artist that are looking for a good tool to use when they are traveling.

Here are 10 most interesting facts about app:

  1. It was created with the help of a $7,000 government grant for emerging artists.
  2. The app is designed for Apple products only.
  3. It is capable of doing much more than just making drawings (you can create animation and even games)
  4. It has over 100 brushes.
  5. You can share your works with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  6. The app has more than 3 million registered users.
  7. Procreate for iPad is the first Apple app to use Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity.
  8. It is the first app to include a full set of professional oil painting tools and was the first app that allowed you to change the brush tip shape and size.
  9. Procreate is the first app that supported Apple Pencil double-tap gesture.
  10. Procreate app was selected for App Store Hall of Fame.


If you read carefully, you can find the huge number of benefits that the Procreate app offers to the artist as well as to the designer. So, if you are a designer or an artist and if you have an interest in creative work, you should try the Procreate app. 

15 Oct 2023